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Shipping & Returns

After you order, you will receive a business order of confirmation page that you have purchased, how much it costs and see delivery options. At this point, you will receive an email confirming the details of the re-registered. However, your order was processed or the beginning of the contract or purchase confirmation email.

After your order is processed, you will receive a detailed description of the second email that we have sent (or by us with the United Kingdom or Etail Services Limited, that you have the option to deliver abroad). And tell you that you follow the number for you. Click on Next Redirects, website, you agree to see your delivery plan.

We only provide addresses in the UK. From our supplier, Etail Services Ltd. External delivery in some international destinations.

It can be put under. When ordering on our website issued outside the United Kingdom, while importing taxes and taxes occurred, so that the installment must be completed, you pay. You will be responsible for paying import duties and taxes. The transfer of Etail Services Limited by the company or abroad has not exceeded the control and the invisible amount of these costs. For more information, please read before requesting, contact your local custom office.

You can track the development of your order with a unique narrative number. You can find the record of your order.

Or you can find a single track number by e-mail. You can also find a link to the corresponding section of the Website.

For more information, you can also send an email to our customer service, sent to verify this request.